Grameen Spice

Grameen Spice Indian TakeawayGrameen Spice is an Indian takeaway and restaurant in Wakefield.

Their existing website was geared around online ordering since the company who produced it earned a revenue from every food order placed through the website – and presumably since they needed to have visibility of these sales, the restaurant wasn’t promoted very clearly, and obvious things like the telephone number were not displayed prominently on the website.

In fact to see the phone number you needed to go to the contact page, and then click a button to “reveal” it.

The design of this new site is aimed at making the 2 sides of the business clear – the restaurant and takeaways, and directing people to the relevant menus quickly.

In addition the telephone number is prominent on the site, and is repeated frequently since most people prefer to ring up to order takeaway rather than order through a website form.

The client decided on some of the colours, which I am not so keen on, and wanted a slider added to the top of the home page.

Personally I don’t think that will do anything to sell extra food, and is more of a distraction than just having a single fantastic image of a delicious looking curry.

Even so, overall the new website is head and shoulders better than the old one in terms of visitor flow and focusing the entire visit to the website on placing an order quickly and easily.