McNally Electrical Group

mcnally-electrical-group-keighleyMcNally Group are qualified electricians in Keighley who specialise in the installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charger units, as well as offering domestic house rewiring and industrial and business electrical services.

The website has a shop built into it so that McNally Group can offer products like NEST heating controllers for sale, and is designed to be easy to update and manage.

Part of our brief has been to manage their Google Adwords advertising for EV products, to minimise the costs while maximising sales, and to this end we have done 2 things on the website itself:

  1. First we have spent a lot of time creating a landing page for the electric vehicle chargers that is designed to sell, and then tested it.
  2. We have then replicated this page for each region they want to sell into so that there are individual pages for Bradford, Keighley, Leeds, Skipton, Huddersfield, Halifax, Harrogate, Ilkley, Wetherby, and York.

There are 2 reasons for doing this. First is that we can then set up an Adwords campaign by region, which gives us the ability to test many different approaches, giving us a clear insight into which ads work, and which do not perform as well.

We can then optimise the ads and adjust them until we have the best performance possible, and we can also see clearly whether each ad campaign is making money or costing money.

The second thing is that over time these pages will start to show up in Google themselves, which will bring additional customers to the website.