Our Services & Pricing

3 of the websites we've set up and manage now turn over more than £1 Million per year - one of them was doing literally zero 12 months ago. That's what we can do, and why you need more than just a.n.other web design company.

There are 2 simple elements required for businesses to be a success and flourish online.

  1. Making sure that your website is is designed properly
  2. And then getting people to your website

Creating any old website is easy, making sure it’s right and will generate sales isn’t.

Getting the right kinds of people to your website to generate online sales is difficult too.

We’ve turned 3 small companies (2 local to Keighley) into £million+ per year companies using the strategies we can provide for you too, this strategy revolves around getting the 2 key points above right…

A website is like a book, and each page needs to tell a story.

Each page needs to address the exact things on the mind of the person who has landed on that page, and to quickly explain what you do, how you do it, how it will solve their problems, and why they should choose you over everyone else.

It needs to be explained in the right order, and in the right way, and as you’ll have guessed this will be different for every industry, and every type of customer.

It really is easy to build a website – just go to Wix or Weebly and build one of their “free” websites using their website builder, or find some web designer who’ll build you a “nice and pretty” website for £200, or £300, or £400 even…

But free websites and the companies who offer them just aren’t set up to generate sales, and even if you do use them to build your own website – honestly – do you know how to make sure it will work for you and generate sales?

On top of that 99.9% of all “web designers” don’t know how to do the most important part either – that is how to generate sales for you.

If you do just want to go for the cheapest web design option possible then you simply won’t get the results that you want, that’s just common sense, isn’t it?

That’s not to say that we’re overly expensive.

We can produce a simple “online presence” website for you, like this one, for around £500 if that’s all that you need.

But if you want the kind of £Million turnover projects that we excel at then it’s going to cost more, but we do have an alternative solution that might make things more affordable for you…

What we can do is design and build your website for a very reasonable, low cost price, and then work on a month by month basis to generate sales for you.

In other words, you pay a low price to get your website built and online, and then we work for you promoting your business at a monthly cost that is within your budget – and you can stop at any time you like.

Ideally we like to work on a cost per lead basis*, that is to say we earn an agreed fee per lead you get by phone or email, because in this way the more you earn, the more we earn, and the more we can afford to spend on marketing you.

Generally it works best for both us to operate in this way.

However, if you’d prefer to spend a set amount per month on online marketing – Google rankings, listings on other websites, Adwords, etc, then we can work with you to agree on something that will work for you to deliver the maximum sales at the minimum cost.

We prefer to work with forward thinking companies that can see the benefits of what we can do for you, and who want to achieve serious sales goals, like the 3 companies mentioned above – one of them had ZERO online sales just 14 months ago – now their website is generating over £1 Million per year.

These kinds of sales figures are simply going to cost more than using your run-of-the-mill web designers who, frankly, don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to the core thing you want – generating online sales.

*What is a Cost Per Lead and why do you charge it?

We are acutely aware that we need to strike a balance between up-front costs, and first providing genuine value through significantly increased sales.

If we created a website for you that generated over £1 Million in sales each year – how much would that be worth to you?

If you already had it you’d happily pay £25,000 or £50,000 per year to keep it, wouldn’t you?

But would you be happy to pay up that amount first in the hope that your website would “do the business” for you? Most people wouldn’t.

So, to make it achievable for you, and workable for us, we offer a lower cost up front web design fee, pretty reasonable ongoing (monthly) optimisation costs (where needed), and a cost-per-lead charge for every lead that your website generates for you.

For example, if we built you a website to sell your £300 widgets, we’d charge you a fee per lead (a telephone, email, or contact form lead coming via your website) of around £15 per lead.

If that website and our efforts generated 10 leads this week, that would cost you £150 this week for your £3000 of sales.

If we generated 50 leads the next week it would cost you £750 for your £15,000 of sales.

Online marketing isn’t free, it’s incredibly expensive, even more so if you get it wrong or don’t manage it efficiently – just try using Google AdWords and you’ll see how expensive it can be.

If we’re going to market you online, make your website generate sales, and make money for you, then we need to cover those costs – and we want to make something for our efforts too.

In this way it makes it viable for us to create high value, high converting, significant sales generating websites at as low an upfront cost as possible, and it also makes it in our own interests to promote your website and business as hard as possible to generate as many sales as possible.

Simply put, the more your website makes you, the more it makes us as well – so the harder we’re going to push your sales.

This is the fairest way for both you and us, to give you a high quality, sales generating website at the lowest up-front costs possible.

Basically your costs become a function of how much money your website makes for you, so in essence it pays for itself – the more you make the more it costs you. So we both win.

This is without doubt the most logical, cost effective, and beneficial way to get your business online and selling, it is also the way that will make you the most money possible in the shortest possible time, and at the lowest cost.

If you want to discuss your requirements with us then please contact us here – otherwise – thanks for reading and I hope our free tips on our home page will help you.